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The Latest Recycling News

  • These 13 towns are saying no to plastic bags as Murphy weighs statewide tax

    After a rapid push through Trenton at the end of the last legislative session, a bill to place fees on single-use shopping bags is sitting on Gov. Phil Murphy's desk. But some Garden State towns aren't waiting for the governor to take action.
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  • Boyan Slat's Ocean Cleaning Device Sets Sail This Summer

    Boyan Slat was 16-years-old when he saw more plastic than fish while driving through waters in Greece. So, he decided to dedicate his high school project to learn more about ocean pollution and how he could solve this problem.
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  • The American recycling system is on the verge of breaking down

    You're soon going to have to pay a lot more to recycle, and the reason is simple supply-and-demand economics, with a healthy dash of international trade policy.
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  • China freezes out US scrap shipments for 30 days

    Nation’s shuttering of CCIC offices effectively seals market for May 2018.
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  • King County Task Force to Explore Solutions to ‘Recycling Crisis’

    With tighter regulations affecting the flow of recyclables in the U.S., officials look for new avenues for the region’s paper waste.
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  • China No Longer Wants Your Trash. Here's Why That's Potentially Disastrous.

    The country has been the “world’s wastebasket” for decades. But starting Jan. 1, China has said “no more.”
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  • Interactive map: Which towns do the best job recycling your trash

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  • Recycling Partnership's advice on National Sword: Keep calm and clean up your act

    The Recycling Partnership's webinar about the growing effect of China's National Sword scrap import policies put a strong emphasis on the need for companies and municipalities to stay the course with their recycling efforts
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  • New Jersey DEP Awards $14.3 Million in Recycling Grants

    We are proud to live in a state that leads the national in recycling. Good news for the counties we serve.

  • Mandatory Plastic Recycling Legislation

    Here is a list of states that require mandatory plastic bottle recycling. Did your state make the list?

  • Recycling Is Important

    Kids often ask if recycling is really important. Here is a great, simple article to share with your children to explain how essential and beneficial recycling can be.